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When I was writing up the pattern for Ariana, I found a page of notes I had forgotten I took for another item I made quite awhile ago. It is obviously taken right from my design for the HP Bags.

It was knit to fit my (dearly departed) iPhone, but it really would fit a variety of phones and smartphones or be great for keeping your ID and credit cards together while you go clubbing with your Gryffindor pals in Hogsmeade.

Anywho, see pattern below:
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I can only vaguely remember what it was like to keep up with a blog on a regular basis. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve used my blog that I don’t really know how to do it anymore. And as for content, theme, or purpose? Yeah, I have no idea. I do know that I won’t get it going again, though, unless I just jump in and do it. So, here I am.

Part of the reason the blog went by the wayside is that last fall I started back to school. I found myself doing less of everything, especially crafting, and suddenly my dull, day-to-day life was even more dull and even less blog-able. The changes didn’t stop there, either. I fell out of contact with a number of good friends because I simply wasn’t sitting at the computer as much anymore.

Happily, Julie (my Borg other half) and I have reconnected these past weeks. Funny thing too – the CraftBorg has inspired motivated me to pick my handwork up again. And while I still have no solid plan for this blog, our recent interactions have given me an idea for at least one post’s worth of blog fodder.

I guess I should say, for those of you that didn’t know the CraftBorg, that we basically started podcasting and then video blogging because heck, we’d spend all day every day updating each other on our various crafty endeavors anyway. Seems like we have picked up old habits, as emails, texts, and IMs have been flying back and forth with photos of stuff.

For instance, the other day we congratulated each other on washing our hair and sent pics of our wet hair.

Not crafty, I realize. But really, who doesn’t enjoy having a cheerleader? And yes, we’re dorks.

I have been drawing lately, and it’s motivating when I can periodically share my progress. Here are the start of some things I’m working on for future gifting.

The other day I started a new afghan project. It’s totally Julie’s fault. Such an enabler, sheesh! But yeah, basically I’ve pulled a bunch of yarns that have been languishing in the stash and am going to end up with a massive blanket before too long. (Because I’m pumped and I am going to tear through it in typical Rosemary fashion.)
2010-10-22 16.00.06 2010-10-22 20.52.34

That’s my at home project. Here’s what I started to take on the go:
2010-10-25 18.18.27
A lovely Eula (owl, auf Deutsch) colored yarn for mindless, plain socks.