November. National Novel Writing Month. AKA National I’m Out of my Mind and Somebody Better Bring Me Some Coffee Month.

I have a lot to do.

I mean, I did this to myself last year. Last year, though, at least my excuse was that I hadn’t actually decided I was going to participate until October 28th. I didn’t have time to do more than jot down a few notes about my characters and what would happen to them, why, where, etc. I had maybe a page and 1/2 worth of jumbled and vague notes and notions in one of those black and white composition books when November 1st rolled around and it was showtime.

Here it is October 28th again. This year I have been planning on participating. If by planning we mean, yeah, I’ll give it a go. What the “it” is that I’m giving that go, I don’t know. I have no outlines, no research, no notes, no iPod playlists, no schedule, no character profiles, nothing. I also have very little coffee in the cabinet. I’m not ready. Where has October gone?

To decide in the next few days:

Am I writing a whole new story from scratch or am I scrapping everything I wrote for last year’s novel (VERY tempting) and starting from scratch on that one?

What am I taking notes on, notebooks, index cards, writing software*, or some combination?
(*Microsoft OneNote, Scrivener, something else?)

What am I writing in, Word or Scrivener?

10 hours later:
I stayed up all night and did some synopsis writing. This is gonna be awesome!