This is a pattern I haven’t been able to recover from an internet archive or anything else, but it is simple and I can easily reconstruct it.

Yarn: Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock Yarn Mini-Skein Set (6 skeins were included)

Needles: size 4  (3.5mm) I used Circular needles with a good length cord so I had room for all my stitches.

Grab your first skein and, fairly loosely, cast on a lot. I think I did about 3 hundred stitches, but it’s up to knitter’s taste on this point. Knit on both odd and even rows until you run out of that skein. Add in the next skein, do the same. Repeat until you have just about enough to bind off all of those stitches. Do so with the stretchy bind off of your choice.

I ended up giving my own scarf a twist and seaming the two short ends together to create a sort of moebius cowl. This isn’t necessary but I enjoy it this way. I then double it up and wear it around my neck like a big ole scrunchy.