Wayback machine FTW! October 2007


4.5 st/inch gauge, to fit someone like me (22 inch circumference) CO 94 with smaller needles, knit for 1.5-2 inches, purl one round. Switch to larger needles (with which you get gauge). Knit til its big enough (I switched colors every other round, folded the brim up when the hat part was the same height and knit the brim together with that next round, then kept going). Do a crown of some sort. I go “K8, K2tog around; K7 K2tog around; etc” until I have just a handful of stiches left then cut and pull the tail through all of the stitches. Weave in. Tada!
Berroco Comfort, in Bitter Sweet and Olive. This is my 2nd hat from these skeins and I STILL HAVE SOME LEFT.
I love turned brims; They’re so finished looking. And this yarn? LOVE.