Another recovered post, thanks to the way back machine and Ravelry. August 2007 (Holy crap, has it been that long?)


Here is a little something I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. I started my first Gryffindor bag in response to Norah Gaughan’s Intricate Stag Bag, which is awesome but constructed in an odd way. Once I got thinking about doing the whole thing in the round, I then began to feel like I should use my own fair isle design as well.


Then I of course felt like I should share the finished pattern with everyone else.

The PDF is pretty big, so you can get it at Ravelry: CLICK

(Check back at this page for errata and updates.)
Edit 08.26.07: Added circular needle length.

Huge, huge thankses to my wondermous test-knitters Kara and Omly. You all are the best, and super fast!